Pricing & Marketing Policy

  1. Clear and Open Pricing:

    • Prices for all products, including any taxes or fees, are transparently listed on the website.
    • We reserve the right to adjust prices without prior notice.
    • Orders will not incur any undisclosed fees or charges.
    • Any promotions or discounts will be clearly detailed, highlighting any restrictions or requirements.
  2. Honest and Precise Advertising:

    • Our marketing efforts, spanning our website, advertisements, and social media, aim to be truthful and precise.
    • Product information will be straightforward, avoiding any misleading statements. Should discrepancies arise due to errors, we commit to rectification upon notification.
    • Marketing visuals faithfully depict product details, although slight variations in size or shape may occur.
    • Testimonials and reviews are genuine and unaltered.
    • Endorsements are transparently labelled in line with FTC guidelines.
    • Comparisons with competitors' products are unbiased and based on verifiable facts. Note that comparisons and sales may reference external site prices and not our own.
  3. Substantiated Claims and Notices:

    • Claims regarding product efficacy are backed by appropriate evidence.
    • Disclaimers clarifying any claim limitations or specifics are visibly placed.
    • Product age recommendations are clearly stated, advocating for user safety. We advise a general age guideline of 18+ for users and purchasers.
    • Disclosure of material content is comprehensive, especially concerning potential allergens.
    • Battery requirements for toys, including type and disposal methods, are clearly indicated.
  4. Fair Advertising Practices:

    • Advertised products and prices are as stated, without employing bait-and-switch strategies.
    • Our advertising is straightforward, offering products at the prices advertised without misleading customers with unavailable items or inaccurately low prices.
  5. Regulatory Adherence:

    • Our marketing conforms to all applicable laws, including FTC regulations and specific state legislations.
    • We continually update our practices to remain in compliance with regulatory changes.
  6. Ongoing Oversight:

    • We routinely review our marketing content for truthfulness and adherence to these principles.
    • Feedback on misleading or incorrect marketing is welcomed via our contact form, with prompt investigation and action on any issues raised.
  7. Policy Commitment:

    • By following this Pricing and Marketing Policy, commits to honest communication, fostering trust, and avoiding legal pitfalls associated with deceptive advertising. We champion ethical marketing, ensuring our customers receive factual information and equitable prices.